Greedy indian government employees stealing savings of domain investors without a court order

In one of the greatest online frauds in India, greedy indian government employees freelancing for google, tata are stealing the retirement savings of harmless indian domain investors without a court order or legally valid reason to cause great financial problems for the domain investor, blackmail them to agree to identity theft .
These fraud indian government employees who cannot be identified or held accountable are justifying the theft, saying that the domain investor has domains in her name, while forgetting the fact that most domains are not making any money at all. Compared to 2010, it is extremely difficult to make any money online despite spending a lot of time and money, the domain names are a major liability and expense, while the savings will get interest without any effort at all.
The cowardly indian government employee who was involved in the theft of the savings of india’s largest female domain investor refused to acknowledge the fact that it is very difficult to make any money from domain names in 2015 onwards and got the account of the domain investor disabled at webhosting talk.

Like all fraud R&AW, NTRO employees the robber government employees do not have the courage to show facts of domain revenues to justify the theft.

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