Greedy google,tata sponsored indore R&AW employees frauds veena, deepika cannot even spend $1 for domain names

R&AW is paying the google, tata sponsored indore frauds veena, deepika a monthly R&AW salary falsely claiming that these indore frauds are domain investors, owning the domain names of a google competitor though financial records will prove that the indore frauds have never invested any money on domain names in their life . In a clear case of financial fraud of ntro, google, tata employees, the indore fraud R&AW employees are not even willing to pay $1.8 for a fitness .org domain put up for auction , yet the section 420 fraud ntro employees continue to make fake claims about domain ownership to ensure that the indore frauds get a monthly indian government salary

For how long will the google, tata, NTRO, RAW financial fraud which started in 2010 continue?

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