Insurance and the Gun Issue

After an attempted robbery happened at a local store, I was having a convseration with some of my friends. The store owner pulled out a gun and scared the robbber out of the store before he could do any harm. One of my friends said that the store owner probably has insurance for his gun. I have insurance for my car, my home, and even life insurance, but I never thought about gun liability insurance. It made sense, because there is a possibility that I might have to use my gun, and if I do, I would want to be covered.

I looked into some companies that offered this partiuclar type of insurance. To be honest, before the incident with the store owner, I never really knew that it existed. I just figured that I needed to have a permit to carry the gun around on my person or in my car, and that was about it. The insurance is similar to other kinds of insurance that can be purchased, and there are things that can be done to keep the cost of it in check so that consumers aren’t paying too much each month for their coverage.

There was one thing that I thought was pretty cool, and that was that if you go to a shooting range for practice, that can be counted as a measure to reduce the cost of the insurance. Praticing at the shooting range shows that a person is trying to learn how to use the gun the right way. The same thing applies for gun safety classes and other training courses where people learn how to react with guns in dangerous situations. I decided to sign up for these to lessen the cost. In the end, I paid a lot less for it than I would have.