Nothing More Important Than Keeping the Bugs Away

Pest control in Florida is something they don’t tell you about until you have already decided to move down here and you have actually purchased your home. I think everyone has at least a vague sense about the weather conditions down here, so you can imagine that bugs would be a big problem. What with the hot, humid weather and all of the swamps and marshes, it should be obvious you’re going to need to control the pests. I didn’t figure it out until I’d been down here for a couple of months and the weather turned as summer neared.

You couldn’t walk outside without getting attacked by mosquitoes and all sorts of other nasty critters. I can’t understand how people ride motorcycles here with all the huge clouds of bugs flying around. Eating bugs on a bike must really be an unpleasant experience. Then you have to contend with all the bugs getting into the house. Putting up screens and keeping the doors closed helps to some extent, but they get inside anyway. It’s a constant war to keep the home free of these pests. Waking up one morning covered in bugs is what made me make that phone call.

I brought in a really good pest control company to do some spraying. I figured if we kept the pests in the yard under control, there would be fewer of them coming into the house. After a conversation with the guy they sent over, we went ahead and just sprayed everywhere. The yard, the plants, inside the house, and in the garage. They sprayed everywhere all the way out to the road. That’s going to help, but they’ll need to come back in a month and do it again. It’s a constant battle down here, but we’ve noticed a lot of relief from bugs already.

Author: shl