Cybercriminal falsely claims ownership of google competitors website megalib

NTRO, cbi, raw are monitoring a google competitor since, making fake allegations without any proof at all, when actually she is major victim of cybercrime in india. The latest example of cybercrime which the google competitor has become a victim of, is how some cybercriminal has falsely claimed ownership of her website megalib.o and added the website to his account at li* , an ad network

Because of the website ownership fraud, the google competitor is unable to ad the website to her own account
The ntro, raw, cbi employees monitoring the domain investor, are closely checking all the websites of the domain investor, and falsely claiming ownership of the better websites, to make money from advertising

Why is ntro not taking action against the cybercriminal who is faking ownership of megalib, and has not paid any money for the website expenses?

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