Why are NTRO employees not harassing, torturing indore fraud R&AW employees veena, deepika, naina for their domain/website fraud

The NTRO employees led by j srinivasan, puneet, parmar, patel, vijay claim to very honest role model citizens, and since 2010, they have wasted more than Rs 30 crore of indian tax payer money, in stalking, defaming, cheating, exploiting and torturing a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and google competitor falsely claiming that they are very worried about her honesty

These fraud ntro employees have also got lucreative raw/cbi jobs for indore fraud R&AW employees document robbers veena, deepika and others, falsely claiming that the indore fraudsters and others who do not spend any money online, own the domain names of the google competitor so that they get a monthly salary, while the google competitor is getting nothing despite spending a lot of money and time online.

The ntro employees started making the fake claims since 2010, and the domain investor has listed most of the domains for sale, at a very low price, because she cannot afford to pay renewal expenses, has no other source of income,yet the fraud ntro/raw/cbi employees getting a monthly government salary do not have the honesty and humanity to pay the market price and purchase the domain names legally, rely on the liar cheater ntro employees to abuse their powers and make fake claims about domain ownership

The greedy shameless fraud raw/cbi employees are aware of the fact that legally owning domain names is very expensive, advertising revenues are so low, due to the google online fraud, that it is not even possible to cover the renewal cost for almost all the domain names. They are also aware of the fact that the indian government blindly believes in the lies of the cheater liar ntro, google, tata employees. So these fraud ntro/raw/cbi employees are defaming the google competitor in the worst possible manner, and then falsely claiming that their girlfriends, relatives and bribe giving frauds own the domain names, in a major financial fraud

Can the NTRO employees explain why the raw/cbi employees are not paying the market prioce, and purchasing the domains legally, why instead of harassing, torturing the real domain investor, why are they not harassing, torturing indore fraud R&AW employees veena, deepika, naina, riddhi nayak, sunaina, siddhi, asmita patel, nayanshree hathwar, ruchika for their domain/website, banking, financial fraud , making fake claims about domain/website ownership

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