customers will soon get the whole battlefield amidst their fists – google, tata rewarding junk language online

To defame the domain investor, ntro raw, cbi are ensuring that all her articles are rejected by indian customers and then cbi falsely claims her paypal, bank account belongs to 10 google tata sponsored lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees who do have not opened the account and cannot withdraw any money from the account in a major online fraud.

This part of the fraud ntro employees attempt to defame the domain investor and destroy her confidence. Clearly the official rejecting the article does not care for merit, the articles approved are of poor quality which are posted below for everyone to verify

Nowadays retail competition is taking over old stores, pushing them to make their shutters down one by one. Walmart is taking interest in online more, whereas Amazon is spreading its wings offline as well via stores and buying whole foods. The retail dollars are in a heavy war-zone where customers will soon get the whole battlefield amidst their fists with the advent of Smartphone apps.

The domain investor’s english is far better, yet she is not getting any work at all, her articles are rejected, while writing who write junk english like that listed above get plenty of work and payment in India.

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