Domain sale is proof of ntro, raw’s, madhya pradesh government’s FINANCIAL FRAUD on single woman domain investor since 2010

Increasingly in india, government agencies and companies especially google, tata are extremely ruthless in committing FINANCIAL FRAUD, CHEATING, EXPLOITING those who are vulnerable and not well connected
NTRO, raw, madhya pradesh government was aware that the google, tata sponsored indore ROBBER raw employee housewife deepika like panaji greedy gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, never paid any money for domains in her life, did not pay the domain renewal fees, and did not control the domains any time in her life.
Yet for 11 years, since 2010, google, tata NTRO, raw, madhya pradesh, indian government has been making fake claims about indore’s top robber bespectacled deepika to get her a monthly raw salary at the expense of the real domain investor, who is paying a huge amount for domain renewals annually., yet is criminally defamed by government agencies
In one of the biggest and newest frauds of the government agencies especially ntro, raw, cbi, these agencies are falsely claiming that the domains, savings of the single woman belong to the LIAR GREEDY CRUEL ntro/raw employees who HATE her and have never helped her any time in her life, she does not have the contact details of the government employees, yet government agencies are making fake claims, duping companies, countries and people worldwide.
The sale of one domain again confirms the massive FINANCIAL FRAUD on the domain investor, since the buyer paid the real domain investor, a private citizen, not the google, tata sponsored indore ROBBER raw employee deepika who never invested any money in domains, yet got a monthly government salary for making fake claims, showing that google, tata are some of the greatest online fraudsters in the world, making fake claims of domain ownership CHEATING, exploiting hardworking single women from poorer communities