Greedy gujju stock trader amita patel’s fake domain purchase promises expose the dishonesty in the indian internet and tech sector

When 7 indian buyers did not pay domain investor wot for domains, he was very upset and posted his complaint on a large number of forums. In case of the domain investor, since 2010, high status respectable well connected indian frauds have been falsely promising that they will purchase 500+ domains every year, no one is paying any money, yet they get a monthly government salary only for making fake promises of purchasing the domains
The real domain investor is complaining mainly because she cannot sell the domains, and is paying the domain renewal fees every year for 12 years, which she cannot afford to pay since she has very low passive income.
Instead of falsely labelling the domain investor a security threat for complaining, the government agencies, especially security agencies should explain why well paid government employees are making FAKE PROMISES of purchasing the domains every year, when they are not interested in purchasing even a single domain