Massage Therapy Gave Me My Life Back

My friend has been going to sports massage therapy in Kent for an old sports injury. She has played a lot of different sports in her life, but it was a mini marathon that caused all of her problems. She fell on the track, and she twisted something in her leg. While surgery did make it so she could get back to some of her sports activities, she was not able to do the more rigorous activities that she really enjoyed. As she got older, the aches and pains increased in her leg, and she often joked she could tell the weather by how her leg was feeling.

When I fell in a parking lot a couple of years ago, I did not need to have surgery but I still could understand her aches and pains better. When the weather would turn bad, I could tell the day before just how bad it would get. I never thought about going to her sports massage therapist because I had never made the connection that my injury did not have to be a sports injury. She told me that her massage therapist does specialize with sports injuries, but he also sees anyone who just needs help with aches and pains too.

When she told me that, I knew that I was going to call and set up an appointment. Like I said, my aches and pains were getting worse with each passing month. I did not want to live the rest of my life that way, nor did I want to feel even worse than what I was feeling at that point. I had my first deep tissue massage about a week after I contacted him, and I have been getting them regularly since. I cannot express how much getting these massages have given me back my life!