haryana’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchika kinge continues to fake domain,website ownership

though haryana’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge has plenty of money to enjoy Rs 1 lakh monthly holidays since last year, dancing on the beaches of goa with her equally shameless fraud husband, she refuses to purchase even one domain legally or pay the domain renewal expenses.
Instead as part of the great haryana/raw fraud on single woman engineer migrant from north karnataka , haryana’s top cheater mba gurugram/gurgaon raw employee ruchika kinge, her fraud husband and powerful boyfriends like piyush, puneet, verma, sumit, are spreading fake rumors that ruchika powerful fraud boyfriends who also hate the single woman engineer that the boyfriends , greedy cheaters who do not pay expenses are paying all the domain expenses to get haryana’s top cheater great powers, monthly government salary at the expense of the single woman engineer in a case of FINANCIAL FRAUD
When the single woman engineer is not in mumbai the haryana/gurugram/gurgaon fraudsters are extremely aggressive in duping people, companies and countries with fake stories about gurgaon’s top online domain fraudster ruchita kinge
The domain investor got a phone call from ritika an associate of ruchita kinge asking about stock market algorithm showing that haryana conwoman raw employee ruchita kinge is again faking domain ownership
This is posted as a fraud alert so that people, companies and countries are aware that haryana’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchika kinge like other cheater raw/cbi employees continues to fake domain, website ownership though she refuses to legally purchase the domains,or even pay the domain renewal expenses.

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