Most people do not even understand what domain names are,yet fake cheating allegations used for committing financial fraud, slavery

One of the biggest financial fraud, cheating, exploitation is how some domain investors are criminally defamed, making 100% FAKE CHEATING allegations for 14 years, when most indian citizens do not even understand what domain names are.
Though the liar top government employees are always belittling and humiliating the real domain investors and falsely claiming their shameless scammer school dropout, call girl, housewife and other fraud friends who have never paid expenses are domain investors, the fact remains that domain investing is highly technical, very risky and only those who understand how websites, internet works are likely to invest in domains
The domain investor recently met some people for other work, and when she explained that selling domains was her main source of income, most people did not even understand what domains are, since few understand how websites work. Yet the cheater indore officials and other states continue to hysterically make fake cheating allegations without any legally valid proof at all, so that lazy greedy frauds from the state can get monthly government salaries for faking domain ownership without paying any expenses at all since 2010.

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