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To a very great extent the cost of making a website and resale value of a website depends on the design of the website. The websites can be broadly classified into static websites which require relatively less maintenance and dynamic websites which use a script and databases. The dynamic websites can be further classified into websites which use free open source scripts like wordpress websites, and those which use paid scripts which are custom developed or licensed.

The static websites are usually not modified extensively after the initial design and are mainly used for small businesses. While there are relatively few options for monetizing these websites, they require very less maintenance, less bandwidth and are less likely to be hacked. However it remains difficult to find customers for selling these static websites. If a web designer has been hired for designing the static website, it is important to review the code provided and ensure that it is as required. A poorly designed static website can create problems at a later date.

Most of the websites online are dynamic websites and wordpress is the most popular content management system. Though these websites use a free open source script, in reality there is nothing free about these scripts. The developers of these free scripts will impose their own terms and conditions indirectly on the domain investors who use these "free open source scripts". For example one domain investor finds that all the relevant, non spam comments on her wordpress blogs are being systematically deleted automatically using hidden backdoors , so wordpress software is not a very ideal system for her.

There are some paid scripts also available, however using any kind of script on linux based webhosting servers is a very risky matter because of large scale hacking by NSA and their associates. For some domain investors purchasing paid scripts can be a great waste of their time and money. A domain investor had once purchased an expensive directory script and installed it. However it was not working properly , and the seller refused to provide any kind of customer support. Complaining about the non working script on forums also did not help at all. So purchasing the directory script was a waste of time and money and it is not advisable to purchase expensive scripts online .

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