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Though the extremely shameless fraud pathological liar google, tata, ntro officials like to falsely claim that their lazy greedy mediocre risk averse fraud friends and relatives, who do not want to invest any money, own the websites, to get these frauds lucrative indian intelligence jobs, these fraud ntro, google, tata officials fail to realize that owning a website is just like owning any other kind of business, where there are expenses to be paid, work to be done, and the website owner may make a profit or loss.

Till date India has not yet nationalized domain registration or renewal, because it would reflect badly on the country, yet the indian government, especially ntro officials think that they are doing indian citizens a great favor allowing them to register domain names. These greedy selfish ntro, intelligence, cbi, security agency officials think that registering a domain name will automatically make a person very rich, so they are stealing the retirement savings of a harmless domain investor without a court order or legally valid reason, which is extremely unfair.

In reality registering a domain name is an extremely risky business and there is no guarantee that the domain will have any resale value or the domain investor will make any money during the registration period. In the last 6 years, it has become extremely difficult to make any money from a website using advertising, especially for those on the blacklist of google. Usually a website is sold at a multiple of the website revenues for advertising based websites, as their expenses are lower. However dns manipulation reduces the revenues of a website for indian website owners.

In some cases the website may not be fully monetized, because the website is relatively new, the website owner did not have the time to test various monetization options or did not have an account with some ad networks. For example, it is not possible for a person whose google adsense account is disabled to use the ad network, however if the buyer has a valid google adsense account , he or she may be able to make far more money from the website. So a person who is using less effective monetization methods can demand and get a better price for his website compared to conventional revenue multiples

for websites using text link advertising or blog post advertising, seo parameters are important and these can vary greatly over a period of time. So though the value of high DA, TF, CF domains is clearly defined, the value of the websites based on seo parameters is not so easy to calculate. The revenue fluctuation can make website value vary widely over a period of time, the final value depends on how much the seller is willing to accept. .

A huge amount of indian tax payer money is wasted by cruel corrupt officials to torture a harmless indian citizen with radiation weapons,. Then the cruel cunning ntro officials allegedly bribed by google, tata who are initiating the torture will then ridicule the person torturing for earning very little, not revealing the fact that they are wasting $18000 of indian tax payer money monthly for the last 6 years to torture a harmless single woman engineer causing great PAIN because google, tata are bribing these corrupt gigolo type ntro, security agency officials. Can these NTRO officials FREELANCING FOR GOOGLE, TATA provide a list of how many other indian citizens they are torturing daily for the last 6 years using microwave weapons, memory reading, voice to skull technology, costing $18000 monthly , before they ridicule their torture victim

The engineer is confident that less than 100 harmless indian citizens are tortured wasting so much indian tax payer money for more than 6 years and openly challenges the ntro officials, especially in goa , to defend their microwave radiation torture of a harmless indian citizen in an open debate

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. Though extremely powerful google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi officials are making fake claims, kindly note that no indian intelligence employee is associated with the website in any, as they are least interested in investing any money online or doing any work. Due to the complete lack of corporate ethics of google, officials continue with their online fraud of making fake claims about website ownership, as google allegedly bribes these officials directly or indirectly