Be Prepared for Injuries in the Home

My wife and I put together a home emergency kit list because our religious beliefs are pretty strict about going to doctors. The church we joined makes it fairly clear that you should trust in God concerning your health and everything will take care of itself. Some people will scoff at such beliefs, but we’re pretty convinced it is sound advice. Also doctors are horribly expensive and like to prescribe dangerous drugs for even routine medical problems. We decided to put together a list of supplies so we can take of problems ourselves and thus save money in the long run.

It’s a bit complicated because we have a daughter, and both my wife and I have agreed that we’re taking her to the emergency room if something truly dire happens. But for things like coughs, the flu, and other maladies, we’re keeping her at home and treating her here. That’s where the list comes in. Did you know you can buy everything you need online to fix a broken arm? To seal a deep cut? To disinfect an open wound? You can and it is as easy as just looking for the information and ordering it.

We made up our list and are now busy buying the things on it. It’s already paid off as my wife caught a nasty sinus infection soon after we got some items that would likely cure the problem. If you’ve ever had a sinus infection, they say you can’t get rid of them and that you simply must go to the doctor and get a prescription. That’s total nonsense. We put that to the lie by treating my wife with a few items on the list and in about three days the infection was greatly reduced and by the end of the week it disappeared entirely.

Author: shl