Indian government fails to answer why its favorite FRAUD LIAR indore housewife raw employee deepika/veena does not legally purchase domains

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Since 2010, the Indian government has wasted tax payer money paying a monthly salary to its favorite FRAUD LIAR indore housewife raw employee deepika/veena who has never invested any money on domains, does not have any online income at all, falsely claiming that she and other frauds like the greedy gujju stock trader amita patel who do not invest money are domain investors, online experts while the real domain investor who is criminally defamed is making great losses
To cover up the massive FINANCIAL FRAUD, the liar indore, mp officials/leaders like the cheater khatri, haryana, gurugram officials promoting haryana human monster fraud raw employee ruchita kinge are falsely claiming that other frauds from mp, like cheater puneet from mhow, prakash from bhopal, who HATE the real domain investor, their btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay and have never helped her are paying the domain renewal fees
After the SHAMELESS GREEDY CHEATER LIAR indore/mp officials/leaders have run india’s greatest online, FINANCIAL FRAUD since 2010 without being questioned, the internet sectors favorite FRAUD LIAR indore housewife raw employee deepika/veena is extremely wealthy, she is openly boasting that she has so much money, that she does not know what to do with it.
Yet showing the lack of honesty, humanity of indore’s top FRAUD LIAR indore housewife raw employee deepika/veena she refuses to purchase the domains legally, instead on the shameless greedy LIAR DISHONEST indian tech, internet companies allegedly led by google,tata, infosys, cognizant, shameless liar indore, mp officials, leaders to DUPE companies , countries and people with fake stories about indore’s greatest ONLINE FRAUDSTER raw employee housewife deepika/veena and other fraud raw/cbi employees like gurugram haryana horrible human monster raw employee ruchita kinge full time optum human resources manager who get monthly salaries only for faking domain ownership since 2010

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