Due to criminal defamation, domain investor forced to withdraw domain sales revenues to bank account

Though the banking fraudster raw/cbi employees and their powerful boyfriends working in government agencies never paid for any domain expenses, since 2010,the banking fraudster raw/cbi employees like goan bhandari CALL GIRL raw employee sunaina chodan have been very good at faking domain ownership with the support of top tech and internet companies, due to which the real domain investor is not able to sell the domains directly to buyers.

So she is forced to sell the domains through the domain registrar marketplace,who give credit for the domains which are sold. Though the domain investor will save more money if she uses the domain sales credit for directly renewing the domains, due to the endless slander,criminal defamation of government agencies,she is forced to withdraw the money to her bank account

If the account credit is used for renewing the domains, the liar government agencies, spread fake rumors that the nri relative is paying for the domains,when he has never paid for any domain. So though the domain investor is making a huge loss, she is forced to withdraw domain sale proceeds and use the money for paying her credit card bill.

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