Month: October 2017

Advertising rates further declining, reducing website prices

The prices of the websites listed for sales at Flippa, clearly indicates that developing and promoting websites is a waste of time and money, as it is very difficult to make money with google adsense and other monetization methods . Many of the content websites are selling for only $300 or less in October 2017which clearly indicates that making money from advertising will continue to be a challenge as google is gobbling up all the advertising money .
The only websites making a fair amount of money are the ecommerce websites, which are selling some product or service, however managing these websites can be relatively complicated. Information sites monetized using advertising are likely to face further losses, as affiliate commissions are stolen, and advertising rates decline.
Unlike 5-6 years, developing a content website providing free information is no longer advisable the same time and money could be used more productively for some other activity.