Questions About the Ground Source Heat Pump

Do you know what ground source heat pump s are? They are underground source heat pumps that can be used to heat buildings and homes in general. This is considered a renewable energy source and highly acclaimed by the people of the environment.

One can also ask: is an underground source heat pump worth it? Heat pumps are much cheaper to operate than direct electricity heating. Another point is that they are cheaper than oil boilers and can be cheaper than gas boilers too.

But, why? Simple, because heat pumps require less maintenance than combustion-based heating systems.

Another question is whether the same pump can be used for cooling, and we can say that for climates with moderate climate heating and cooling needs, heat pumps offer an energy efficient alternative to ovens and air conditioners.

Like your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to move heat from a cold space to a warm space, making the cold space cooler and the warm space heater.

Having said these cucial details about this pump model, we can move on to other points, namely:

Geothermal Heat Pumps Operation:

A heat pump only needs a heat source (outside air), two heat exchangers (one to absorb and one to release heat) and a relatively small amount of motive energy to keep the system running.

A heat pump extracts thermal energy from the environment, the source being the outside air:

The pump extracts energy at a certain temperature, raises that temperature and releases it into a medium which, in the most common cases, is water that goes to low-temperature radiators, underfloor heating systems or fan coil units.

That said, we see that it is something simple in concept and use, in addition to contributing directly to the environment, you help the planet and especially the society where you live with renewable energy.

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