Month: December 2018

For domains valued at less than Rs 3 crore, Indian government has wasted more Rs 30 crore of tax payer money since 2010

The RBI governore Urjit Patel resigned allegedly because the government wanted more money from RBI reserves, however the government fails to realize that it is openly involved in financial mismanagement, Since 2010, the indian government is wasting Rs 30 crore of taxpayer money putting a harmless single woman engineer, under surveillance, making and circulating photos, videos, defaming and harassing her

The official reason why the engineer is under surveillance is that she is a domain investor, which automatically makes her a security threat according to the sex addicted indian security, ntro, raw, cbi employees, though they cannot find any legally valid reason for more than 8 years.
However the value of the domain names is less than Rs 3 crore, and the indian government is wasting Rs 4 crore annually for more than 8 years since 2010, putting the harmless single woman engineer under surveillance , circulating videos and photos.
without the domains , she is just like any other harmless retired engineer, who saved some money for her old age.

If the government had some financial common sense, it would have asked its associates to purchase the domains at the market price, and stop wasting taxpayer money on the surveillance of a private citizen . however the financially incompetent government fails to realize the financial loss in the surveillance, and continue to waste taxpayer money on unproductive activities resulting in losses.