My Company is the One That Stands out

Opening a new salon is not the easiest thing in the world to do. I know it might seem like easy work, but the competition that is out there can eat a new salon business up overnight. There are just so many people who want to offer this kind of service, and that is why I make sure I do everything I can to stay relevant. My newest way to do this is a door to door flyer distribution that I do maybe twice a year. I run certain promotions, and I have found that this is the best way to get the word out.

I was going to do a mail marketing campaign, and I had even contacted the company that I wanted to use for it. However, when they quoted me the price for what it would cost, I knew that would eat up a lot of the profits. Since that seemed to be the exact opposite of what makes sense, I just looked for different ways where I would be able to get the word out without spending a lot of money doing so. That is how I came upon the door to door flyer distribution.

Now, truth be told, I would have expected that having a person walking door to door and distributing flyers would have cost a lot more money than just mailing something, but the opposite was true again. I was able to get such a great deal on this marketing plan that I knew I would be able to afford to do it over and over again. After I saw the results from the first door to door distribution, I knew that this was the way to go. I do the same promotion at least twice a year, and my company has really been the one to stand out locally.

Author: shl