Unlike greedy corrupt indian government employees, most website owners pay the market price worldwide

To destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply, google, tata encouraged the powerful fraud ntro, cbi, security agencies to abuse their powers and get domains, websites from indian domain investors, webmasters for free, or at a very low price. The ntro, cbi, indian security agencies were encouraged to waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to defame, cheat, exploit and frame harmless indian domain investors and get the domains and websites for free or very cheaply , ignoring the time, money and effort of the domain investor, webmaster in developing the website
It appears that the extremely corrupt NTRO, CBI, indian security agencies are world leaders in extorting money, websites and domain names from indian paypal account holders falsely claiming national security, in most other countries of the world, people are more honest about domain, website ownership and are willing to pay the market price of the domains, websites
The many websites for sale at Flippa, webmaster and domain forums is an indication that domain investors and webmasters are being paid a fair price worldwide in all countries except india.

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