Trust in Property Pays off

As a result of some wise decisions while doing some Forex trading, I was able to make a little extra money, and had to come up with a way to use it. I put some into my savings account, and used the rest to invest in the Sloane Residences condo complex. This was my first attempt at really trying any investing, especially in something like a property. Most people like to start off with something a bit more basic so they can get their feet wet, but I was willing to move up to the big leagues and see where my investment would take me.

That kind of attitude is how I usually handle my money in various methods of increasing it. If the reward for something is high enough, I will put the money towards it in the chance that I will be able to reap the benefits, regardless of how little experience that I’ve had in that field. Sometimes you just have to take a leap forward if you want to get anywhere. Everything doesn’t always go my way, but if I don’t take the chance, then I’ll never know what I can gain from something.

Things worked out in my favor, as the condo complex that I invested in resulted in me seeing four times as much return. This was highly unexpected, as I figured that I would only see double. I put some of that money into my savings, as I usually do, kept some in the complex, and then thought about what else I should do with the money. A friend suggested that I go to Vegas with the kind of luck that I’ve been having, but I’d prefer to go with something that is a little more grounded. There are a few tech stocks that I have been considering.

Author: shl