is another website allegedly take down by CIA/NSA

Though most of the “reputed” bloggers in india who are mainly cia stooges do not mention it, increasingly the internet is being divided into groups, one group consists of united states, uk, nato countries and other groups, are russia, china and their allies
CIA is very aggressive in taking down some websites, since most of the top websites, domain registrars are owned by US companies
TRXwhale was a Tron mining website in english and other languages which was developed after great effort, the website owner invested a lot of time and money
Yet in August the website is not accessible in india and elsewhere also
Justin Sun, born in China had developed the tron network
This open harassment could explain the reason why china did not attend the g20 summit being held in india at present
CIA/nsa discrimination against some domain investors, website owners like the, owner is the reason why there is less incentive for developed a very high quality website since cia/nsa are extremely hostile and ruthless in destroying everything for some website owners

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