Only when raw/cbi end their domain ownership fraud, investors will be motivated to develop their domains

While government agencies are quick to criticize the domain investor for not developing the domains, the fact remains that raw/cbi are running a massive ONLINE, FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY racket on domain investors, falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud employees who do not spend any time and money, own the domains of the private citizen who is criminally defamed to cover up the massive SLAVERY racket, FINANCIAL FRAUD

in india all businesses are paying the workers for the time they are spending working, yet since 2010, raw/cbi are openly involved in one of the most shocking SLAVERY rackets in the world, ROBBING the data of online investors, workers, private citizens after criminally defaming them, and then making fake claims about their lazy greedy good looking employees who do not any computer work, do not pay expenses, yet get monthly government salaries only for robbing data of hardworking online workers, to make falsely take credit.

Since the advertising rates are very low, and the real domain investor is getting almost getting almost nothing despite paying expenses. while the CHEATER LIAR ROBBER raw/cbi employees get monthly government salaries with spending any time or money, the real domain investor fighting indian government SLAVERY does not have any motivation to provide free information online, spending their time.

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